About Us

Created in mid 2020 during the pandemic, CEO and President of what is now B Natural's LLC, 36 year old Sabrina Baker was asked to take time off working as a full time Paramedic in South FL when she became ill. Not knowing the cause of her illness, she was hospitalized over and over with doctors and nurses unsure of a definitive diagnosis. Seeing that she needed to get back working to help provide for her family she began to look for ways to naturally treat her symptoms and work at the same time. The decision was made and she began expanding upon what she knew about herbal remedies and homeopathic medicine and had learned as child. Creating tinctures, soaps and oils, Sabrina opened an online shop to help others with basic everyday issues such as rashes, acne, environmental overexposure and sensitive skin, all while still unsure of what the actual cause of her sickness was. In Dec of 2020 she was hospitalized again after her repeated illness took a turn for the worse. While in the hospital after praying and having what she described as a: "revelation of understanding of what was actually going wrong in my body", she requested her thyroid levels to be tested leading to a positive diagnosis revealing she had Grave's Disease. Sabrina states her symptoms made it hard for her to concentrate as well as regulate her body temperature and maintain a stable heart rate with an arrhythmia and tremors. She had to refrain from a large verity of foods, take away certain lotions, deodorant or anything that could possibly disrupt her endocrine system as she became more and more sensitive to these things. Shortly after being diagnosed she began thyroid meds to help her get her body back on track which would take a while from what she was informed by her Endocrinologist. While taking her meds she began to try some natural methods of stabilizing her hormones with diet, supplements and everything handmade and organic such as formulating her own body butter's, facial serums and soaps. She continued to gain new knowledge and expand on a creative level to what we see today. The more Sabrina learns the more she is determined to share with anyone willing to take a chance and try something new. Her health is greatly improved today all praises to The Most High, and although she is still healing she believes the way to do that is naturally for a long lasting affect that she hopes she can share step by step once her journey has reached its peak.